About Salt

We don`t know who the first salt maker in the world was. But both humans and animals discovered very early on that one could taste salt by licking on salt rocks. We imagine that back then, some guy probably sat by the sea where there was a little pond of salt water trapped in a rock, watching the water evaporate as the sun shined on it, leaving nothing more than a whitish powder on the bottom. He tasted it, and became the first salt maker in the world!

Salt has been used for thousands of years, especially as a food preservative. We have to remember, all generations before us had to find a way to preserve their food – but there were no refrigerators around. So the food had to be dried – and salted – to prevent it from decomposing. In addition to act as a preservative, salt is also a perfect amplifier of taste!

Nobody knows exactly how far back in history professional salt making goes. However, there has been made archeological findings that date salt making back to pre-historic times.

Salt has played a significant part of our lives throughout history, and is one of the few things that can be identified in all cultures and cuisines.

We all need salt. The commerce between those who could produce it and those who needed it but couldn't produce it themselves, has created trading routes across civilizations. Salt has even been used as a way of payment! Maybe in these economically unstable times it could be wise to bring a unit of Arctic Salt when travelling abroad?