Meet our salt makers

Tore Hongset, father of two girls, comes from Bodø and has ancestors from Saltstraumen. He has served in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and Braathens, and is currently a rescue controller at JRCC North Norway.

Tore is a self taught salt maker. He has gone through the complete list of errors and mistakes that can be made while making salt. Quite a few pots and pans suffered an untimely death in the kitchen, quite a few buckets of water have been transported by car from Saltstraumen to his house in Bodø. But the end result and the gained experience motivated him to establish a factory in Saltstraumen, close by the strong whirlpools.

From small pans in the kitchen, the facility currently holds two 4000 liter pans. Quite a few hours have been spent on the Internet researching techniques and tricks in salt making, and now he has developed his own way. The factory is designed by him, his father, and Håvard, the co-salt maker. A salt maker has to be patient and dedicated to his craft, and Tore is most definitely so.

Håvard Stenersen is raised in Saltstraumen, just 50 meters from the factory, and knows the maelstream better than most people. He has been on the team since 2014, when he came down to the building that now serves as our factory and wondered if we needed help building whatever we were building. He has been around since that day, having built his own work place, and is employed full time as salt maker.